Can United Properties help me buy or sell investment property?

是的, our licensed agents will be happy to assist you with acquisition and disposition of investment property. Should you have an established relationship with another REALTOR, we can assist you by working with them to make it a smooth transition.


对于非紧急电话,居民可以在周一至周五的正常工作时间打电话到办公室. Outside of normal office hours, our maintenance emergency line is staffed 24/7. 当接到紧急呼叫时, we will determine the severity of the problem and if it truly an emergency. 把费用降到最低, 联合物业在营业时间内尽一切努力完成任何维修工作. We define an emergency as an immediate health or safety issue. 用于所有其他非紧急维护请求, 我们的住户也可以通过我们的物业管理软件在线提交工单.


United Properties believes in prompt and thorough communication with our clients. 每个员工都有一个私人公司电话分机,语音信箱和电子邮件. Many type of statements are available on line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 如果有其他问题,我们的工作人员被要求在24小时内回复您. 下面是我们与所有者/客户端发起额外通信的一些实例:

  • 拆迁文件
  • 可接受的应用程序
  • 通知撤离居民
  • 居民迁出后会发生什么
  • 租赁合同续签
  • 非凡的维护项目
  • 利用现代技术和软件, United Properties允许世界各地的业主登录他们的个人账户, 24/7, and review and/or print all of their properties’ financial information, 入住率, 现金流和维护状况.


It is impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to find qualified residents for your property. 这涉及到许多因素. 包括尺寸, 位置 and overall condition of the property; the asking price relative to that of comparable properties in your neighborhood; and the time of year. 然而, the market time for renting is generally much shorter than the time required to sell the same property, and landlords can usually expect to have residents within 3 to 5 weeks from the point the property is “Rent Ready”. 如果物业在此期限内没有出租, it is generally a sign that it is overpriced relative to its size, 位置和条件. 为您的物业定价具有竞争力,并尽可能使您的物业处于最佳状态, 有效营销的关键要素是什么.

How much money do you collect from residents before allowing move-in?

当一个住院医师被批准, 我们通常要求一个月的租金和相当于一个月租金的保证金. T在这里 are some cases that an additional 1/2 month’s rent is required, 密歇根法律允许的最高限额是多少. 保证金存入保险信托账户,属于居民所有.

How will United Properties help improve my long term property value?

Our experience has shown that maintenance issues addressed early prevent more serious and costly property damage from occurring later, t在这里by keeping your long term cost lower and maximizing profit. 另外, 潜在的居住问题, 当发现得早, increase the likelihood of preventing future property damage and/or successful cost reimbursement before lease termination. 我们注意到一些趋势,当居民开始表现出不服从或单位滥用的迹象. 趋势是物业管理的关键. Practically every problem resident we have experienced showed signs early on that foreshadowed their unacceptable actions and eventual termination of lease. Screening for and expecting responsible action and commitment from residents, 均在前期租赁采购阶段, 在整个租期中, 从我们的角度来看,这是一个重要的优先事项吗. Lax property managers tend to rationalize and even justify a resident’s excuses. That is exactly why at United Properties we emphasize trend-spotting, 文档, 问责和跟进.


联合物业在制定宠物政策时,会遵从业主的意愿. 我们大多数的主人都接受宠物. 然而, 也有例外, and we have absolutely no problem abiding by your wishes in this matter.


法庭费用由法院系统决定,并根据被告人数的不同而有所不同. Even though the owner is charged for the court costs when incurred, the courts allow them to be added to the money judgment and they are returned to the owner when paid by the resident. 然而, with our Eviction Shield t在这里 is very seldom ever any cost to the owner.


The resident is given a Commencement or Termination inventory upon move in. 住户有责任在入住7天内将报告归还给联合物业. 此表格不用于维修工作单. 此表格只作物业状况通知书之用. 然后,我们将验证表单并保留一份副本. We utilize this form upon move out to determine preexisting conditions which may have existed before the resident moved in. With our notes, we are able to validate pertinent charges to the resident.

What expectations does United Properties have for leasable properties?

United Properties operates in strict compliance with the housing code. 在我们提供物业出租之前, 我们彻底检查了这处房产,以确保所有政府条例都得到遵守. 我们也建议我们的客户的建议,将最大化他们的投资回报. We have found that by offering a quality service to our clients, 维护要求和投诉降到最低, 同时提高了居民留存率和满意度.

What happens when a resident gives notice that they will be moving out?

We visit the property to update any marketing materials and do an assessment regarding the anticipated turnover time.

We send a letter to the resident notifying them of their duties upon vacating, 并包括一个预期成本菜单,为任何项目没有处理之前的居民搬出去.

我们修改了所有者账户中的准备金, 如果有必要的话, to ensure that funds are available to perform all turnover items necessary to get the property ready for the next resident.

As soon as the property is ready to market, we implement our marketing plan.

The appropriate arrangements are made for the transfer of utilities.


United Properties performs a move-out inspection of the property, 通常在居民搬出去的一天之内. 在检查过程中,我们确定哪些项目应该向前居民收费.



我们开始获取现成的报价单. 如果任何个别报价超过,$350.我们联系业主进行审批.

一旦房产准备好销售, 我们允许未来的居民参观您的房产, 由我们的一个有执照的租赁代理陪同.

What is the United Properties philosophy of managing properties?

Our overall goal as West Michigan’s premier property management company is to provide personalized and professional services to both clients and residents. 为了实现这个目标, we constantly strive to balance the residents’ wish for high quality, well-maintained housing with the owners’ need to maximize investment income, 同时减少风险和责任. 我们通过建立牢固的关系来做到这一点, 利用最新技术, 实施有效的营销策略, 并在我们业务的各个方面遵循一致且行之有效的系统. 通过继续教育,我们努力掌握市场变化和行业趋势, 根据需要进行持续的市场分析和调整.


United Properties在筛选潜在居民时非常彻底和勤奋. Our professionally trained staff processes all applications in our office. 我们得到一份信用报告, 犯罪背景调查, 就业验证, 以及每个成年准居民和共同签署人的租房历史——如果需要的话. Placing qualified residents in your property is one of our most important responsibilities as your property management company.


The closing cycle of our monthly bookkeeping occurs on the last day of each month. 我们的合同要求所有净收入, 减少准备金和担保存款, be distributed to the owners within 10 days of the closing of the month. All proceeds are directly deposited into our client’s accounts through the Federal Reserve’s electronic, 乙酰胆碱转移系统. 下载客户端ACH存款授权书 在这里.


协调和管理你的物业广告包括在租赁费用中. 在某些特殊情况下,业主可能要求——或者我们可能建议——补充广告. 一经业主批准, 联合财产将处理任何补充广告的制作和分发, 费用由业主支付. 然而, 如果按市场定价, 大多数房产的租金都很快, 使补充广告变得不必要.


联合物业将支付所有账单. At your request we will also pay your mortgage, taxes and insurance. 我们要求您的账户至少有超过每月估计付款额的余额, 你的储备应该反映这一点. 任何差额必须在付款之前提交. At no time will we pay bills when the total funds you have available are less than what has to be paid. It is the responsibility of the owner to check their fund balance on line to make sure t在这里 is enough to pay the bills.


联合财产确实需要一笔费用准备金. 我们为客户提供2种不同的选择:

大多数所有者希望可预见性, and United Properties can help with that by their unique reserve formula. United Properties will create a budget for your property based on historical information and a risk assessment that projects future capital improvements. 用这个号码, a line item is created to put a predetermined amount of money in your reserve that will pay for those expenditures when they become due. This gives you a more predictable cash flow without the unexpected high cash requirements that can happen from time to time. This option is required when United Properties pays the clients mortgage, 税和或保险费.

另一种选择是:1单位管理物业的储备金余额为300美元.$ 00是必需的,$250.管理2-4台,每台00美元,200美元.4-5个单位,每单位$150.6-7套,每套$100.管理8-9个单位,每单位00元;同一业主管理10个及以上单位,不预留.

在这两种情况下, 这些资金被存入房产的信托账户, to be accessed by United Properties exclusively for documented expenses associated with the management of the property(s). 所有客户资金均存放在保险信托账户中.


居民须负责所有的公用事业费用, 除非事先另有书面约定. They must also change all utility billing information to their name and mailing address as of the move-in date stated on the lease.


一旦30天搬离通知送达我们的办公室,我们就开始推销您的房产. 我们在以下地点刊登广告:

  • Professional real estate property signs are placed in highly visible areas that can clearly be seen from the road.
  • 我们的网站友好和专业维护, complete with digital photos and videos of the property is on-line 24/7.
  • 每个员工都被告知要接听所有潜在租客的来电.
  • 专门的,全职的租赁代理将向未来的居民展示您的房产.
  • Targeted ads are strategically placed on 23 different websites shown below:
    • abodo.com
    • apartmentlist.com
    • claz.org
    • homehippo.com
    • house租赁.com
    • livelovely.com
    • onradpad.com
    • 租赁.com
    • rentmls.com
    • trulia网站.com
    • zumpes.com
    • apartable.com
    • backpage.com
    • everyrent.com
    • 房屋.com
    • housingblock.com
    • mitula.com
    • 房地产经纪人.com
    • renthop.com
    • rentnice.com
    • walkscore.com
    • apartmenthunterz.com
    • callithome.com
    • homefinde.com
    • hotpads.com
    • zillow.com
    • locanto.com
    • placebee.com
    • rentalads.com
    • rentjungle.com
    • trovit.com
    • yakaz.com


你的租赁率将由几个因素决定. 这些包括财产的状况, 位置, and the rental rates for competing 房屋 or apartments in the immediate area. The markets that dictate lease rates vary vastly from the markets that influence the value of properties. 请与我们办公室联系索取免费赠品, 没有义务咨询有关市场适当的每月租金为您的物业.


Our lease agreement provides that the resident give a minimum 30 day written notice that the lease will be terminated.


United Properties is a very fair and professional management company. We take pride in our knowledge and practices in abiding by all Federal, 州和地方公平住房法. 家庭是一个“受保护的阶层”,我们不会因家庭结构或规模而歧视.






Each of these fees is based on the number of units managed under one roof. Please call our office at , or fill in a contact form for further information. 我们很乐意提供免费咨询, and are prepared to develop a program tailored to meet your needs.

当你考虑选择一个管理公司, please keep in mind; while fees are certainly important considerations, 更重要的是在年底你口袋里的钱! 当你考虑职位空缺时,管理公司之间可能有很大的差异, 居民或居民选择, 注意细节和维护成本.

What does United Properties need to start managing my property?

To begin management of your property, United Properties will need the following:

  • 已执行的物业管理协议
  • 属性的钥匙,包括邮箱钥匙(如适用)
  • 车库门打开器,如果适用的话
  • Certificate of insurance, with United Properties as an additional insured
  • 下载客户端ACH存款授权书.
  • Download Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint or Hazards, 如果房产是在1978年之前建造的
  • 一份地契副本(公用事业公司现在开始要求这份证明所有权)
  • Any current leases and any 文档 relating to that resident
  • 任何逾期款项的分类账.

你可能有一些其他的文件与物业或目前的居民有关. We would like to have copies of all of the other documents you have which will make the transition smooth and efficient.


When the resident breaks his or her lease before the lease period is over, they are responsible for all expenses incurred to re-lease the property. The expenses may include the rent amount up to the time the property is re-leased or the expiration of the lease, 新租约的房地产佣金, 所有的广告成本, and any other costs directly relating to the re-租赁 of the property.


如果在3号之前还没有收到我公司的租金, 一封“7天通知”就会寄出,并通知该居民. 如在7天后仍未收到租金或没有付款安排, 开庭日期已定. Securing a court date usually takes an additional 10 to 14 days. After the court date, the resident has an additional 10 days to pay or move. If, 10天后, 该居民仍未支付或自行搬迁, 一份令状被归档,居民的物品被放在路边,锁被更换.

What is the advantage of using United Properties as my management company?

United Properties’S staff is professional, courteous, informed and experienced. 因为联合物业管理着大量的物业, 我们能够利用规模经济, allowing us to offer multiple services that would be cost prohibitive for individual owners and smaller companies.

  • 联合物业运用了业内最先进的营销技术, affording your properties exposure to a wider market of renters or buyers.
  • United Properties constantly monitors changing trends and legal issues to protect our clients’ interests.
  • 联合财产公司的合同非常简单. Our Contracts run concurrently with the lease of the tenant occupying the property and are renewed when the lease is renewed as well.
  • 联合物业为我们的业主/合作伙伴提供安置费用方面的独特保证. 有关保修期的详细资料,请与我们联系.

利用现代技术和软件, United Properties允许世界各地的业主登录他们的个人账户, 24/7, and review and/or print all of their properties’ financial information, 入住率, 现金流和维护状况.



积极努力实现这些目标, while preserving or increasing the value of an investment property and generating income for our clients.

物业管理:宣传物业, 屏幕未来的居民, 协商租赁, 收取租金, 安排维修, 保持准确的记录, 解决居民投诉.


United Properties在肯特郡和西渥太华郡管理所有类型的住宅物业

  • 多户型公寓
  • 多户型住宅
  • 单一家庭住宅
  • 公寓
  • 小镇上的房子


The closing cycle of our monthly bookkeeping occurs on the last day of each month. 我们的合同要求所有净收入, 减少准备金和担保存款, be distributed to the owners within 10 days of the closing of the month. All proceeds are directly deposited into our client’s accounts through the Federal Reserve’s electronic, 乙酰胆碱转移系统. 下载客户端ACH存款授权书 在这里.


United Properties advises all our property owners to consult directly with their insurance agent to be certain they are carrying adequate insurance for their property needs. Our insurance carrier requires that all clients carry a general liability insurance policy for the protection of any claims arising out of the operation, 租赁, 以及财产的维护. 我们确实需要一份有效的保险证明, listing United Properties OF WEST MICHIGAN LLC as an additional insured party, 要随时记录在案. 通常没有额外的成本与此相关. We inform your residents during the move-in process to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal belongings. 然而, our Renter’s Agreement clearly stipulates the owner or assigned agent(s) have no liability for resident loss due to theft, 在租赁单位内对自己或他人造成损坏或伤害

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